Eric Raley

Elected Member

Eric Raley

Elected Member since July 11, 2023
Audit Committee
Administrative Committee
Term expires December 31, 2024

Eric began his career with San Bernardino County working in the law & justice field more than 25 years ago. Since then, he has been in many different leadership, management, and administrative roles; these have included oversight of field services, court processes, homeless outreach, secure facilities, finance, research and training, among others. He has also worked in a variety of different locations, ranging from Joshua Tree to Rancho Cucamonga to Apple Valley, and understands the scope of this enormous county very well.

Eric has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal justice, a Masters of Business Administration Degree, and a Senior Executive Credential from the C.S.A.C. Institute for Excellence in County Government, in addition to his other education and training. His work leading change in complex environments and collaborating with community-based organizations has resulted in the receipt of several awards, the most recent being the Brian Johnson Award for Innovation from C.A.P.I.A. in 2022 and the Presidents Recognition Certificate from C.P.O.C in 2023.

He is looking forward to focusing on ensuring San Bernardino County remains fiscally sound while also strengthening the infrastructure and partnerships that already exist in our community. Raised in a family filled with relatives in military, government, education and other public service agencies, Eric attempts to embody Marian Wright Edelman’s statement that “Service (to others) is the rent we pay to be living, the very purpose of life, and not something we do in our spare time.”

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