Life Events

Life Events


Throughout your time as an active member of SBCERA use the list below to assist you in determining what steps to take should any of the following life events occur.

Personal Information Changes or Family Changes

Address Change SBCERA requires that changes of address be made in writing. Keep in mind that SBCERA must have an accurate address on file for you so we can communicate with you about your account. If you’d like to change your email address, you may do so by logging into your mySBCERA account, or you can update your information on an Address Change  form.
Beneficiary Change Complete and submit a Beneficiary Designation/Change form. If you do not have a spouse or domestic partner’s signature on this form, you must also complete and submit a Justification for Non-Signature of Spouse or Domestic Partner form. 
Divorce Contact SBCERA to discuss the steps you must take and how a divorce may affect your retirement benefit. If you wish to change your beneficiary(ies), complete and submit a Beneficiary Designation/Change form. 
Marriage SBCERA receives this information from your employer. Please update with your Human Resources Department and/or payroll specialist.  However, you must update your beneficiary(ies) with SBCERA. Complete and submit a Beneficiary Designation/Change form.
Name Change SBCERA receives this information from your employer. Please update with your Human Resources Department and/or payroll specialist.

Employment Events

Start employment with a participating SBCERA employer Employment Status Change

As a new member, you are required to complete your online enrollment. Visit and create an account. Complete your online enrollment by verifying your personal information. If your status changes to part-time or your hours are reduced making you ineligible for SBCERA membership, you will no longer pay retirement contributions or accrue service credit. However, your past contributions will remain on deposit and continue to earn interest. You may not refund these contributions unless you terminate your employment. Contact SBCERA for more information. If you change your employment to a different participating SBCERA employer, complete the SBCERA Membership Enrollment Affidavit and submit it to your Human Resources Department and/or payroll specialist.

Termination of Employment Before Retirement Learn about the Termination Options available based on your membership status with SBCERA. For more information about your options, contact SBCERA.

Death or Disability Events

Death of an SBCERA Member See Death Benefits for active members to learn about the death benefit options available. Contact SBCERA to notify us of the death and learn about the options available.
Death of Your Beneficiary Complete and submit an Beneficiary Designation/Change form. If applicable, request and complete a Justification for Non-Signature of Spouse or Domestic Partner form. 
Disability Learn about a Disability Retirement and how to apply. Contact SBCERA to begin the process and request the required forms and information.

Other Events

Release of SBCERA Documents or Information If you wish to have documents released to someone other than yourself, such as a benefit estimate, member statement or a refund check, you must complete a Release of Information form. This request is effective immediately and remains in effect for 30 days from the date of your signature. The person picking up this information from SBCERA will be required to show valid photo identification.
Assistance Handling SBCERA Transactions You can designate an Attorney-in-Fact to handle your retirement affairs relating to SBCERA such as, filing applications, benefit elections, designating beneficiaries, or applying for retirement by completing an SBCERA  form. You can elect to make the power of attorney effective immediately or upon the event of your incapacity. For more information, view our Frequently Asked Questions.

Termination Before Retirement

If you leave your job before retirement, you have several options available to you. Your eligibility for the different options depends on your years of service credit and/or what type of employee contributions you have. Each option below specifies whether the option is available to vested and/or non-vested members (i.e. members who have a minimum of five years of service credit or not). Upon your termination, you may only select one option.


Divorce & Your Benefits

Divorce & Your Benefits

California is a community property state. Therefore, retirement plan benefits earned during your marriage may be considered community property and subject to division upon your dissolution of marriage (i.e. divorce).

Pursuant to the laws of California, if you are a member of SBCERA while you are married, your former spouse may be entitled to an interest in the community property portion of your retirement benefit.

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