Employer Contribution Rates

Employer Contribution Rates


SBCERA retirement benefits are funded through contributions paid by participating active employers, members, and earnings from SBCERA investments. Employer contribution requirements are determined by periodic actuarial valuations under state law, conducted by actuaries. The Board of Retirement reviews and sets contribution rate increases or decreases on the basis of these studies each fiscal year.

View the 2021-2022 Employer Contribution Rates below. Contribution requirements shown are the employer required contribution only. Figures do not include the member contribution or any cost sharing.

Current Rates (effective date listed in flyer)

FY 21/22 Employer Contribution Rates Tier 1
FY 21/22 Employer Contribution Rates Tier 2

Past Employer Contribution Rates

Dated Information for Historical Reference Only

FY 20/21 Employer Contribution Rates Tier 1
FY 20/21 Employer Contribution Rates Tier 2


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