2024 Member Engagement Survey



Soon, you will be receiving an invitation by email to participate in our upcoming member engagement survey.  We wanted to share a little about the survey and why it’s important.

This survey is a follow up to our 2021 member engagement survey and will help drive our customer service efforts.  The purpose of the survey is simple: We want to provide the best customer service to all our 48,000-plus active and retired members.  Your responses will tell us about what you think we do well, and what you think we can improve upon.  We’ve partnered with the same independent research firm, Probolsky Research, a company with extensive experience in opinion research.  They’ll help us make sense of the responses and turn your feedback into action.

Over the last few years, we’ve made a renewed push toward providing you with the best service possible.  This survey is a big part of that mission.  It’s our opportunity to listen to the voices of our diverse membership—from those of you actively serving San Bernardino communities, to all our retirees spread out across 49 states and a dozen countries. 

We truly appreciate your time and your willingness to let us know how we’re doing. Whether you are just starting your career, already enjoying retirement, or somewhere in between—we’re committed to serving you. 

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