Survivor Benefits


If you are a General member with at least 18 months of continuous membership with SBCERA, your beneficiary (if eligible) may also be entitled to a monthly survivor benefit in addition to the other death benefits available.

The survivor benefit is provided by SBCERA in lieu of Social Security’s death benefits since members do not participate in Social Security. General members pay a contribution each pay period to fund this benefit. Below is a list of the benefits available for various types of beneficiaries:

Survivor Category  Member’s Death Date prior to 4/1/94 Member’s Death Date on or after 4/1/94
Surviving spouse caring for one dependent child $591.80/month $1,390.00/month 

Surviving spouse caring for two or more dependent children

$690.40/month $1,622.00/month
One dependent child only $295.90/month $695.00/month
Two dependent children only $581.80/month $1,390.00/month
Three or more dependent children $690.40/month $1,622.00/month
Widow or widower age 60 (no child) $0.00/month $663.00/month
Widow or widower age 62 (no child) $327.10/month $768.00/month
Each of two dependent parents at age 62 $295.90/month $695.00/month
Sole dependent parent at age 62 $325.50/month $795.00/month

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