SBCERA Publications


SBCERA has developed several brochures for members to assist in understanding a variety of retirement options and enhancements. These brochures are available both on the SBCERA website as PDF files and directly from SBCERA as printed documents.


These FAQ documents were created to address many of the common questions about retirement.


SBCERA has numerous forms available to assist with a variety of retirement options. To update or make changes to your SBCERA retirement account, please complete the appropriate form. For your convenience, you can also access pre-filled or electronic versions of these forms by logging into Member Direct

Please contact SBCERA if you have any questions about completing these forms. Most forms must be printed and mailed the address listed at the top of each form.  


SBCERA produces the Quarterly Review newsletter to provide regular updates about our programs, benefits, and retirement resources to our members and beneficiaries.  

Traditionally, the Quarterly Review is mailed to members and beneficiaries. However, members and beneficiaries can sign up to receive their newsletter electronically. To do so, log into Member Direct and elect the eCorrespondence option. Upon doing so, you will no longer receive a printed version of the newsletter.


The SBCERA Retirement 101s are single page fact sheets explaining, in detail, specific topics related SBCERA’s benefits and services. Each of the documents is formatted a PDF.