Optional Benefit Deductions

SBCERA retirees and beneficiaries can choose to have various deductions taken from their monthly retirement benefit including:

  • Arrowhead Credit Union
  • California State Income Tax Withholding
  • Donation to Children’s Fund of SB County
  • County COBRA Premiums
  • County Dental Insurance
  • County Health Insurance
  • Federal Income Tax Withholding
  • Fiscal Federal Credit Union
  • MDAQMD Retiree Medical
  • CalPERS Long Term Care Insurance
  • Retired Employees of San Bernardino County Dues
  • Teamsters Local 1932/SEBA Dental
  • Teamsters Local 1932/SEBA Dues
  • Teamsters Local 1932/SEBA Vision
  • SEBA – Safety Life Insurance

Authorizing or Changing My Deductions

All deductions require written authorization from you. You can request or change your deductions by completing an SBCERA Deduction Authorization Form or the appropriate organization’s insurance or deduction authorization form and submitting it to SBCERA. For more information, contact SBCERA.

Retiree Benefit Options

SBCERA only administers your retirement benefit. We do not manage retiree medical or insurance benefits. However, there are a few options that exist for SBCERA retirees and beneficiaries. Below is a list of options that can be deducted from your benefit including the organizations you should contact for additional information.

Health Insurance Coverage & Administration Option

The County of San Bernardino administers and offers eligible SBCERA retirees and beneficiaries a variety of health insurance coverage and group premium rates. SBCERA deducts your monthly health insurance premiums from your retirement benefit.  All questions about retiree insurance programs, related costs and requirements should be directed to the County of San Bernardino Employee Benefits & Services Division (EBSD).

Long-Term Care Insurance

As a retired public employee, you may be able to get long-term care insurance through the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS). You can find information and request an informational packet by contacting CalPERS. Premiums for CalPERS long-term care coverage can be deducted from your retirement benefit payment or you may pay them directly.

Dental and Vision Insurance

You can apply for dental and vision insurance through Teamsters Local 1932. Call 909-889-8377 for applications and rates. Premiums can be deducted from your retirement benefit payment.

Life Insurance

If you are interested in continuing your life insurance after you retire, you need to check with your employer’s Human Resources and/or Benefits Department of your employer at the time you retire to see whether conversion to individual policies is an option. If it is and you can convert to an individual policy, you will be responsible for paying the premiums directly. SBCERA can only deduct the premium from your benefit if you are a member of the Safety Employees' Benefit Association (SEBA).