The Application Process


Applying for a Disability Retirement is an extensive process that requires a comprehensive evaluation of your Disability Retirement application. Below is an outline of what you may expect:

  • Step 1: Contact SBCERA– To begin the process and request the required forms and information, please send us a message or call us at (909) 885-7980 or Toll Free (877) 722-3721.
  • Step 2:  Submit Completed Application for Review– Submit a completed and signed application to SBCERA that includes the SBCERA Physician’s Report, Applicant’s Statement of Facts and Circumstances, Physician Listing Form, and Medical Releases. SBCERA will conduct a review of the application to ensure the application is timely, complete, and in accordance with Rule 4(a) of the Procedures for Disability Retirement Applications and Formal Hearings (Rev. 1/6/2022). An initial Disability Retirement consultation cannot be scheduled until the application is deemed timely and complete.
  • Step 3:  Schedule and Attend a Consultation Appointment with SBCERA – SBCERA will contact you to confirm that your application has been accepted for processing and schedule your initial Disability Retirement consultation. Prior to attending the consultation, you must complete and sign all required forms.
  • Step 4:  Document Collection and Processing– SBCERA staff will collect and assemble medical and personnel documents pertaining to the Disability Retirement application. Remember, you have the burden of proving that you are entitled to the benefits you are requesting. To help meet that burden, you should submit any additional evidence in support of your application during this time. You should mail any additional records or documents so as to reach SBCERA no later than five (5) business days before the scheduled Independent Medical Examination appointment(s), which will provide the IME sufficient time to review the records ahead of the scheduled appointment.
  • Step 5:  Independent Medical Examination– You may be required to submit to one or more independent medical examinations based on your claimed injury and/or illness.
  • Step 6:  Comprehensive Medical Review and Preparation for the SBCERA Board of Retirement– The SBCERA Medical Advisor will conduct a comprehensive review of the records pertaining to the application and advises the SBCERA Board of Retirement on medical matters. In addition, staff will review all records and prepares the recommendation to the SBCERA Board of Retirement.
  • Step 7:  SBCERA Board of Retirement Initial Hearing– The Disability Retirement application will be considered by the SBCERA Board of Retirement.

NOTE: Generally, in order for your application to be deemed timely, your Disability Retirement application must be submitted while you are still in service as an Active Member, or within four months after discontinuance of service, or it must establish that you have been continuously physically or mentally incapacitated from the date of discontinuance of service.

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