A Year in the Life of a Secure Retirement

Do you have retirement resolutions for 2019? In the tradition of lists that greet us in the new year, SBCERA offers the following practical and simple steps to initiate your retirement planning. Without further ado, here are the Top 12 Actions You Can Take in 2019 to Secure Your Retirement Future:

  1. January: Create a MemberDirect account. A MemberDirect account allows you to access your SBCERA information and so much more. Visit www.SBCERA.org/MD to get started while you are still in New Year’s resolution mode.
  2. February: Enroll in eCorrespondence. Within MemberDirect, you can sign-up for eCorrespondence, through which, you will receive an email notification when your Quarterly Review newsletter and annual member statements are available online.
  3. March: Attend a Group Consultation. Are you within three years of retirement? As part of our commitment to service, SBCERA is introducing Group Consultations for 2019. Stay tuned for additional details!
  4. April: Run a Benefit Estimate. Within MemberDirect you can run your own Benefit Estimate, which is essentially an unaudited retirement projection based on your information. As part of our “Do You Know” video series, we offer a video that walks you through the process of creating a Benefit Estimate.
  5. May: Watch Some Videos. In addition to the “Do You Know” series, the SBCERA YouTube Channel offers a range of great content. Visit www.YouTube.com/SBCERA for market insights from our chief investment officer, retirement tips and other video tutorials.
  6. June: Attend a Seminar. Throughout the year, SBCERA offers in-person seminars across San Bernardino County, as well as online webinars. Since you already created a MemberDirect account (hint, hint) you can login and find seminars listed, plus directly register for one online.
  7. July: Attend a Board of Retirement meeting. SBCERA’s Board of Retirement meetings are open to the public and are generally held on the first Thursday of each month at 9:00 A.M.
  8. August: Review our Pre-Retirement Checklist. SBCERA’s Pre-Retirement Checklist provides a series of tasks to complete within five years of retirement. It includes many actions you need to take and forms we need on file prior to retirement.
  9. September: Visit www.SBCERA.org. The SBCERA website is a gateway for all information regarding Active, Deferred and Retired Members, as well as information for employers. It is filled with educational material that is simply a “search” from the home page away. Additionally, you can Chat with SBCERA, access MemberDirect and research any topic related to your retirement benefit.
  10. October: Review your Beneficiary. Within MemberDirect, you can view your listed beneficiaries. We suggest that you review this to ensure that the individual(s) nominated accurately reflect your wishes.
  11. November: Consider a Special Durable Power of Attorney. While it can be difficult to consider, an SBCERA Special Durable Power of Attorney authorizes someone you know and trust – known as your Attorney-in-Fact – to carry out specific SBCERA responsibilities according to your wishes in the event of your incapacity. For additional information, we encourage you to visit www.SBCERA.org/FAQPOA.
  12. December: Enjoy the season. The holidays are a time for rest. Since you have done such an amazing job sticking to your resolutions and have diligently taken every action suggested in this list (right?), take the remainder of the year off from retirement planning, gather with loved ones and enjoy the holidays!

From all of us at SBCERA, we wish you and yours a Happy New Year! You can count on us to be here for you throughout 2019 as you take action to secure your retirement future.