SBCERA Cover Story

“And I got a peaceful, easy feeling
And I know you won’t let me down
‘Cause I’m already standing on the ground”
- Peaceful Easy Feeling, performed by the Eagles

With the passing of legendary Eagles singer and guitarist Glenn Frey on January 18, 2016, preceded just eight days earlier by the passing of David Bowie, baby boomers everywhere were reminded of life’s sometimes unexpected turns.

Known for dozens of iconic, chart-topping songs, both in his solo career and as a member of the Eagles, Frey’s music often symbolized a relaxed, quintessentially Californian sound. This was perhaps no more true than on the song “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” where he sang lead vocals, taking listeners to a place absent of worry and hardship.

Of course, life doesn’t always provide that peaceful, easy feeling Frey and the Eagles stirred in us. Unexpected obstacles and tragedies will surely come and go, yet we can and should appreciate the things which offer certainty and stability.

Through retirement from SBCERA, members can take comfort in the consistency of a defined, lifetime monthly benefit. Not only does SBCERA provide members with a stable pension, but also the organization and expertise to fully guide you through the retirement process with ease.

If you are planning a service retirement within the next year, consider following our checklist:



Update your SBCERA beneficiary information, if necessary.
Narrow down your prospective retirement effective dates.
Price and compare medical coverage and/or employer options.
Contact your deferred compensation representative.
Tier I members: plan any leave cash outs you may be entitled to that will maximize your Final Average Compensation (see your MOU).



Select your retirement effective date.
Narrow down your medical coverage options and speak to your employer if applicable.
Submit all of the documents you need for retirement if you haven’t already.

2 - 3


Request an updated benefit estimate.
Make and attend an appointment with your SBCERA Retirement Specialist.
Make an appointment with your deferred compensation representative.
Tell your beneficiary which retirement option you chose and what that means for them.
Inform your employer of your selected retirement effective date.
File your application for retirement benefits with SBCERA.

If you are at least three years away from retirement, we encourage you to start with a Pre-Retirement Seminar, which can be attended in person or online.

Approaching such a momentous life decision doesn’t need to bring trepidation. With the help of SBCERA’s retirement specialists, following the basic steps will demystify the process and make your “leap” into retirement feel more like a peaceful stroll. The good fortune of a defined benefit plan is regarded as the foundation for a secure retirement, and as Glenn Frey’s lyric reminds us, you’re already standing on the ground.