Message from the CEO

On my first day at SBCERA, I played a TEDtalk video for our staff by Terry Moore called, “How to tie your shoes.”  In the presentation, Moore describes how, at age 50, he realized he had been tying his shoes incorrectly throughout his life. Sure, the old way got the job done, but with a simple, small adjustment in technique, he was able to greatly strengthen the knot.

While it’s a little silly, I like the video because it provides a useful perspective for assessing one’s own work. The most subtle changes can yield remarkable results for any individual or organization, even successful ones like SBCERA.

Having been a part of SBCERA since August 20 of this year, my early efforts have focused on getting to know our staff and familiarizing myself with key initiatives and priorities. We have an amazing team of professionals, and I am enjoying rolling up my sleeves and working together with them to improve upon existing practices.

One area that always calls for continual improvement is our communication efforts to you. As the employers who comprise SBCERA, you are entitled to the very best communication and reporting. We embrace transparency and engagement, and plan to increasingly use technology to deliver better service and valuable information.

Within this second issue of Employer News, we are pleased to share both practical updates and positive headline numbers. Our Plan concluded Fiscal Year 2017-2018 up 8.8% net of fees, and has grown to over $10 billion since that time. Administratively, we implemented a number of important policy updates and additions, including the topic of retirees returning to work. We are also proud to claim that we now serve over 40,000 members and beneficiaries and 18 employers, as we welcomed Big Bear Fire Authority to SBCERA.

We invite you to contact us with any suggestions you may have for Employer News. We will continue to improve “the way we tie our shoes” and we look forward to a strong year ahead.


Debby Cherney

Debby Cherney