John Michaelson

Elected Member

Prior to joining the County, John was an Army Officer during the Vietnam era. When John was a 23-year-old 1st Lieutenant, he was named Commanding Officer of a 220 man company. Upon leaving the service, John returned to Cal Poly Pomona where he majored in Business Administration. John then began his 31 year career with San Bernardino County in 1972.

After two years working an entry level position, he was promoted to Analyst in the County Administrative Office where he spent seven years working on all facets of the County budget. John was also named Project Manager for the design of the Foothill Law and Justice Center and the first US Festival, which was attended by an estimated 250,000 people.

He was then promoted to be the Director of County Purchasing. During his 7 years in this position he was responsible for all non-construction procurement for the County.

He was next selected to head the Counties Social Services programs. During his 11 years in this position, John spearheaded many innovative programs. He co-chaired the committee that started the Children's Assessment Center. He is also credited with bringing EBT first to San Bernardino County and eventually to the entire state, thus saving $100,000's annually. Later, in the 1990s, he was elected as the President of the California Welfare Directors Association.

In 2001, John was asked to head the County as the County Administrative Officer, which he later retired from in 2003. In this position, John was responsible for coordinating all operations of the County, developing and managing its annual budget of $2.6 billion and overseeing 39 County departments, numerous special districts and more than 18,000 employees.

Since retiring, John and his wife Faith, also a retired County employee, enjoy traveling, kayaking and riding their horses. Immediately after retiring, John spent 3 years as a volunteer and Board Member of the San Bernardino County Sheriff Mounted Search and Rescue. He currently serves as a Board Member of the Men's Riding Club where he enjoys horse camping in wilderness areas. John has also been on the Board of the Retired Employees of San Bernardino County for a number of years. Most recently, John was first elected to the SBCERA Board in 2016 as the Retired Member Alternate.