Brochures & FAQs


  • Enhancing Your Retirement – Service Credit Purchases Brochure
    Service credit is one of the factors used to determine your lifetime retirement benefit. Find out whether you can purchase service credit and how it may impact your benefit. View Brochure

  • Linking Public Retirement Systems Together – Understanding Reciprocity and its Benefits Brochure
    If you are entering SBCERA membership from an employer with a different public retirement system or leaving SBCERA membership for another public agency, you may qualify to establish reciprocity. Reciprocity allows you to preserve and enhance your total system benefits. View Brochure

  • What Are My Disability Retirement Options? – An Introduction to the SBCERA Disability Retirement Application Process
    If you become permanently incapacitated for the performance of duty, you may qualify for a Disability Retirement. Learn more about the process and how to apply. View Brochure

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These documents were created to address many of the common questions about the following topics.