Other Benefits & Options

Supplemental Disability Benefits for General Members

At the time you file for a Disability Retirement, if you are a General member and you are incapable of any gainful employment (other than service as a juror, witness, or election official), you may apply for a supplemental disability retirement allowance of $300 a month. The supplement was created to replace benefits lost when General members stopped participating in Social Security. It is not available to Safety members, who have never participated in Social Security.

If you are granted the supplemental allowance, you must declare under oath every six months to SBCERA that you are incapable of gainful employment. You must also notify SBCERA if a change in your condition makes gainful employment possible. The supplemental allowance ends upon your death. It does not become part of any payments made to beneficiaries. This allowance is not considered when calculating COLAs or community property in divorce cases.

Temporary Disabilities

SBCERA provides for retirement benefits only, so it does not cover temporary or short-term disabilities. You should contact your participating employer about its sick-leave program. If your disability is job-related, you should apply for Workers' Compensation. Also, for some bargaining units, California's State Disability Insurance program provides benefits.